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There are lots reasons why people need advice from a financial adviser and advice on other related matters, but there are also lots of different types of advisers, so it pays to know what make ACCENT SPECIAL.

  1. It offers a CONSULTING PLATFORM to members through highly personalized interaction with our own responsible management staff.
  2. It eliminates the loosends that is embedded in any online and customer care services where the expected levels of precise response are not obtained.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is one of the safest investment avenues, which can help you grow your savings, while offering stability and safety of principal amount. By investing in FD, you can take control of your investments, with greater flexibility, assured returns and high stability.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides a financial security (in the form of sum assured) to the family of insured in case of his/her untimely demise or other miss-happenings covered in the insurance contract. It is the fastest growing finance segment in India.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is essentially a mechanism of pooling together the savings of a large number of small investors for collective investment.Direct investment in stocks and shares is an active form of investment, where the purchase and sale is handled by the individual.

Bank Loans 

The different types of loans are

1)Housing loans

2)Vehicle loans

3)Personal loans

4)Educational loans

5)Mortgage loans

7)Gold loans


The organisation is guided by a Chartered Accountant,who has a professional experience of 35 years,including 10 years in Multinational company and 25 years of Professional practice.The main speciality of our organisation is consultations and guidance will be provided Online and Personally by the Chartered Accountant himself and his set of highly skilled staff members.The highlight of our service is a realistic mix of online Application and highly personalized advice with specialized focus on the physical services in the state of kerala.

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  1. It enables the customer to get access to more details of this services offered and mentioned in the dashboard
  2. The customer can contact the office personally through any means like Telephone, Email, Whatsapp or in Person and will get prompt response from responsible staff including the chief consultant of the company.
  3. The premium customer can get any of the services done for him or her free of charge in many cases and, with some fees plus government charges on many others as mentioned in the fees schedule.
  4. The premium customer can get professional advice on any investments, Loan and other matters including Tax consultations free of charge, and paid physical services at any point of time
  5. The  premium customer can avail many value added services in consultation and execution in addition to various services as mentioned.

Our Corporate Office

The Accent Consultants Pvt Ltd
1st Floor, ‘ EXCELLENCE ‘
Rajagiri Road, Rajagiri P.O Kalamassery, Cochin – 683 104
+91 9447180215,0484 2558286, 8078302215

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