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Kerala Ration Card

Ration card is a multi-purpose legal document. Civil Supplies Department of the Kerala Government issues ration card to the citizens of Kerala. The main benefit of ration card is that it enables the holder to procure all subsidies provided by the Kerala Government. Ration card holders can purchase all essential commodities for daily needs at highly subsidized prices. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Kerala ration card.

Benefits of Ration Card

Multi-purpose document

The ration card can be linked to Aadhaar card, which in turn can be linked to bank account, thus serving as a multi-purpose legal document that facilitates a number of tasks.

Government Subsidies

The government of Kerala provides a subsidy for essential food items and commodities for ration card holders. The essential food items, goods and commodities that the authorities supply to the ration card holders are listed below.

Food grains                   Petroleum Products                         Fertilizer

  • Rice and Wheat                      Kerosene     Fertilizer is supplied for Agricultural Lands
  • LPG                                            Sugar


Serves as Address Proof

The ration card serves as the legal identity proof required by the Government of Kerala. Ration card serves as an authenticated identity proof forthe entire family since it comprises of parent, family member and children details.

  • Ration card can be produced as a proof while buying a property in Kerala.
  • Ration can be submitted as address proof while applying for loans in bank.
  • Passport and PAN application also take ration card as identity / address proof.

Kerala Ration Card Types

Kerala ration cards spot four different colours. Types of ration card in Kerala are tabulated below:

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