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Legal Heir Certificate

Legal heir certificate is an important document that helps identify the heirs or surviving family members of a deceased person. Legal heir certificate can be used to claim the assets and other resources of a deceased person.

Legal Heir Certificate is generally required for the beneficiaries of a serving or retired employee, who passed away. If that retired person dies, family pension advantages will go to the next legitimate heirs. Generally, any levy to a man from Government or nearby bodies will be paid to lawful heirs on the death of that individual. This certificate can be used for insurance claims, retirement benefit claims, pension claims and can also be used for gratuity and PF claims.

Supporting documents to be uploaded:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Voters ID
  3. Ration Card
  4. Death Certificate of the deceased
  5. Service certificate issued by the head of the department/office in case of serving employee
  6. Affidavit

Time Frame to issue the Certificate:

15 days after the time limit for any objection (30 days) from the date of Gazette publish


Lifetime validity

Legal heir certificate and the succession certificate are totally different from each other.  If the head of the family or any member of the family passes away, then the next legal heir who is directly related to the deceased such as his/her husband, wife, son, daughter, mother has eligibility to apply for the succession certificate. This succession certificate can be used for the purpose of transferring the telephone connection, electricity connection, house tax, filing of IT returns, patta transfer etc.

If the deceased person is a government employee then the legal heir certificate is issued for the sake of family pension or for any kind of appointments on the necessary grounds. Legal heir certificate is also issued for the sake of transfer of property for both the movable assets and the immovable assets.

Succession Certificate is needed when someone inherits any movable property or immovable property under the different property laws in the country. Most of these concerns come under the Hindu Succession Act. While some of the issues come under the Indian Succession Act or the community act. Issues are required to be known in the right perspective for both the categories.

Issuance Of Certificates

Legal Heir certificates are issued by the Tahsildar of the district to recognize the actual deceased person living heirs and the succession certificates are issued by the court to the deceased person legal heirs.